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5 Card Draw

31 March 2009

PKR Casino Table

5 Card Draw is played by a maximum of 8 players; it is a game in which players trade cards in their hand to make the best one possible.

A Game of 5 Card Draw
1. The dealer shuffles the deck and then deals (in a clockwise direction) each player 5 cards each, all face down.
2. The two players left of the dealer have to pay ‘blinds’; the closest player paying a ‘big blind’ and other player paying a ‘small blind’. These blinds are predetermined amounts of chips which is payable by every player in turn as one round goes to the next.
3. There is then a round of betting; the player left of the one who posted the Big Blind bets or folds first. Players have to either bet, call or raise, or alternatively fold, no checking is allowed.
4. Any players still left in then have the chance to exchange all, some or none of their cards, starting with the player left of the ‘button’. This exchanging stage is called the ‘Draw’.
5. There is then another round of betting, here players can check and raise.
6. The players reveal their hands and the highest hand takes the pot.

Types of Betting Hands – Worst to Best
1. High card (where the highest card out of the 5 wins)
2. 1 Pair (if two players have a pair the highest pair wins)
3. 2 Pair (if two players have 2 pair, the highest pair out of the two wins, if they are the same the 2nd pair involved that is highest wins)
4. 3 Of A Kind (similarly to 2 pair, highest wins)
5. Straight (a run of 5 consecutive cards e.g. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the player with the highest card in the straight wins)
6. Flush (5 cards all of the same suit, non-consecutive, highest card wins)
7. Full House (a pair and 3 of a kind together, e.g. 3, 3, K, K, K, highest 3 of a kind wins )
8. Four Of A Kind (four of the same card e.g. 5, 5, 5, 5, highest 4 of a kind wins)
9. Straight Flush (5 cards all of the same suit that are consecutive, highest card wins)
10. Royal Flush (similarly to a straight flush although the hand starts with an A and descends, e.g. A, K, Q, J, 10 all Hearts)

Insufficient Cards
If there are insufficient cards available to exchange cards you have already discarded won’t be available but other players discarded cards will be (this differs from casino to casino).

5 Card Draw Strategy and Tips

1. If an opponent stays in but doesn’t exchange any cards they might have something very good as they aren’t prepared to improve on their hand…unless of course, they are bluffing.

2. Similarly if an opponent exchanges many cards and then they are hoping for too much perhaps in which case if they stay in they are probably bluffing or have been very lucky.

3. Hands players can achieve in 5 Card Draw are generally a lot better than in 5 Card Stud due to the Draw round, although sometimes players forget about this and will bet too big for what they have; a flush is not that difficult to get compared to 5 Card Stud or Texas Hold’Em.

4. Watch how your opponents play and act accordingly; maybe they are very tight so when they bet big watch for this, it may be better to fold, similarly you might be playing against a calling-station in which case if you think you have the cards bet big.

5. Be aware as well as you watching your opponents style of play they will be watching yours, therefore don’t just adopt one style, change it up; perhaps play tight first of all only going in on very good hands then later play very loose going in on almost everything (bluffing now and then) to make your opponents think your on a lucky streak (don’t over-do-it though, they might catch on to your plan).

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