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5 Card Stud

31 March 2009

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5 Card Stud is very similar to 7 Card Stud in terms of antes, the deal, betting limits, etc.

A Game of 5 Card Stud
1. The dealer shuffles the deck and then deals 2 cards to each player. The first card is dealt face down and second face up (sometimes this varies).
2. Then there is a round of betting where the player with the lowest card (sometimes the highest) bets first.
3. The next stage is called ĎThird Streetí; this is where a 3rd card is dealt to each player face up.
4. There is then another round of betting; after all calling, raising or folding the game continues.
5. The next stage if called ĎFourth Streetí; this is where a 4th card is dealt to each player again face up.
6. Again there is another round of betting.
7. The next stage is called ĎFifth Streetí; this is where a 5th card is dealt to each player, again face up (sometimes face down).

Hands are the same as in any other poker game in terms of strength.
Types of Betting Hands Ė Worst to Best
1. High card (where the highest card out of the 5 wins)
2. 1 Pair (if two players have a pair the highest pair wins)
3. 2 Pair (if two players have 2 pair, the highest pair out of the two wins, if they are the same the 2nd pair involved that is highest wins)
4. 3 Of A Kind (similarly to 2 pair, highest wins)
5. Straight (a run of 5 consecutive cards e.g. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the player with the highest card in the straight wins)
6. Flush (5 cards all of the same suit, non-consecutive, highest card wins)
7. Full House (a pair and 3 of a kind together, e.g. 3, 3, K, K, K, highest 3 of a kind wins )
8. Four Of A Kind (four of the same card e.g. 5, 5, 5, 5, highest 4 of a kind wins)
9. Straight Flush (5 cards all of the same suit that are consecutive, highest card wins)
10. Royal Flush (similarly to a straight flush although the hand starts with an A and descends, e.g. A, K, Q, J, 10 all Hearts)

5 Card Stud Limitations
Due to most games having only one hidden card per player it is pretty predictable to what each player has. Due to know cards being discarded or swapped the highest hands are usually made up of pairs and high cards. In 5 Card Draw you get the chance to improve you hand at least and even 7 Card Stud, although the same type of game you have more chance of better hands.

Good for Beginners
5 Card Stud is very good for beginners as it is so basic, no real play experience is needed to be good and getting good quickly is easy compared to games like Omaha and Texas HoldíEm. Itís difficult to drag in or get dragged in to any kind of betting war for the pot. Some variations however can make 5 Card Stud very interesting.

5 Card Stud Variations
Sometimes the first 2 cards dealt to players will be dealt face down or if not the first 2 the first and last. This makes it harder to guess what other players have and introduces an element of bluffing. The hands will still be low more often than not but itís better than nothing.

5 Card Stud Strategy and Tips

1. Donít play for straights or flushes due to them rarely coming in for you, with no cards to trade pairs and high cards are what you should go for.

2. Look at your opponents cards, this will help you determine whether or not you can win, if it looks as if you can, you most probably will.

3. Pay attention to how your opponents play, they may try and bluff (although this is hard) they may just be eager for a win, they may just be bored.

4. If you donít have a pair after Third Street itís probably best to fold.

5. If you are beaten by the communal cards again itís best to fold.

6. Remember folded cards so you know what is left and have a better idea of what your opponents have.

7. Fold at your earliest opportunity; if somebody else gets the card you wanted it may be better to fold, look at cards dealt and chances of your one coming out.

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