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7 Card Stud

31 March 2009

PKR Casino Table

Compared to 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud is up there with the best; Texas Hold’Em may be the most popular but 7 Card Stud is a game for players who want those top hands.

A Game of 7 Card Stud
1. The dealer deals clockwise starting on their immediate left. Each player is dealt 3 cards the first 2 face down and last 1 face up.
2. There is then a round of betting; the lowest face up card determines which player bets first. If the two lowest cards are the same it goes on to the suits, Spades before hearts, then diamonds the clubs.
3. The next stage (similar to 5 Card Stud) is the ‘Third Street’. If antes are used the first player to bet has to bet twice this amount (similar to meeting blinds in Texas Hold’Em).
4. Players then call, raise or fold to any bets before play continues.
5. The next stage is ‘Fourth Street’ where the dealer deals each player a 4th card face up.
6. There is then another round of betting; however this time the player with the best hand has the first choice of betting or checking. This goes for all other streets.
7. Fifth and Sixth Street are similar to Fourth Street, cards are dealt up and each Street is followed by a round of betting.
8. The 7th card in this game the ‘river’ is dealt to each player, this time face down before one last round of betting.

Hands are the same as in any other poker game in terms of strength.
Types of Betting Hands – Worst to Best
1. High card (where the highest card out of the 5 wins)
2. 1 Pair (if two players have a pair the highest pair wins)
3. 2 Pair (if two players have 2 pair, the highest pair out of the two wins, if they are the same the 2nd pair involved that is highest wins)
4. 3 Of A Kind (similarly to 2 pair, highest wins)
5. Straight (a run of 5 consecutive cards e.g. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the player with the highest card in the straight wins)
6. Flush (5 cards all of the same suit, non-consecutive, highest card wins)
7. Full House (a pair and 3 of a kind together, e.g. 3, 3, K, K, K, highest 3 of a kind wins )
8. Four Of A Kind (four of the same card e.g. 5, 5, 5, 5, highest 4 of a kind wins)
9. Straight Flush (5 cards all of the same suit that are consecutive, highest card wins)
10. Royal Flush (similarly to a straight flush although the hand starts with an A and descends, e.g. A, K, Q, J, 10 all Hearts)

7 Card Stud Strategy and Tips

1. First of all play at your level, there’s no point going in on a $100-$200 table thinking you could get lucky, the fact is you might…but only once. If you want to work your way up and increase you bankroll, do it gradually.

2. Pay attention to the cards dealt, calculating the probabilities of cards helps greatly in making the right decisions.

3. Think about each Street played and look whether it not just helps your hand but makes your opponents hand unsuccessful, who has the best chance?

4. The best 3 cards you can be given at the start is 3 of a Kind, they can improve your hand considerably. But remember if you have this bet sensibly as if you don’t have it at first perhaps.

5. Due to this game being easy to guess what your opponents might have, betting wisely without scaring opponents off is important. It will work out better for you than raising constantly.

6. If you are raising constantly opponents will either fold or think you are bluffing and may call; judging your opponents and how they play will help you react how you want them to.

7. Most players by Fifth Street (if playing sensibly) will have something worth staying in for. This is the time to step it up and bet accordingly to see if they have what you think they have.

8. Pairs are the next best starting hand you could hope for. Although straights and flushes are possible they are not probable and therefore only if you think you have the luck should you stay in (remember you can’t trade cards, there’s no discarding).

9. Flushes and Straights require careful betting also, depending on what can be seen by other players.

10. Are you a tight or loose player? Are you aggressive are do you prefer to fold unless your sure you have something? Well the best player you can be here is neither; change you character to make it harder for your opponents to guess what you will do.

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